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St. Mary Breadfruit Festival

Jamaican breadfruit is one of the oldest and most versatile Jamaican food used in a wide range of Jamaican food recipes. Jamaican breadfruit can be boiled, roasted and even fried and can be served as a great Jamaican side dish as well as a main course with other Jamaican vegetables, such as Jamaican ackee recipe with fried or roasted breadfruit.

The inaugural Jamaican Breadfruit Festival was held in Jeffrey Town, St. Mary, Jamaica. Jamaican breadfruit can be prepared in a wide variety of recipes ranging from the customary roast breadfruit to Jamaican breadfruit cake recipes, Jamaican breadfruit pudding recipes, Jamaican muffins, Jamaican cookies and the now a popular Jamaican punch drink recipe made from the ripe Jamaican breadfruit. Candied Jamaican breadfruit recipe, has found favor with the scores of Jamaican cooks and chefs.

Another interesting delicacy is the Jamaican breadfruit chips recipe served with Jamaican avocado dip and this has already found favor among those on the cocktail circuit as an excellent Jamaican appetizer recipe.

The Jamaican Breadfruit Festival is nostalgic for the older folks who get the opportunity to again enjoy some breadfruit dishes which they had almost forgotten. Roast breadfruit with run dung; corned pork; with Jamaican jerked/fried chicken along with Jamaican jerked/fried fish, are among the favorites. These Jamaican dishes are complimented with a choice of Jamaican breadfruit salad recipes and a drink of blended Jamaican breadfruit punch drink recipe.

For younger folks, the festival is an opportunity to learn about the various uses of this widely grown fruit and even a little history of the Jamaican plant, which was first introduced on the island in February 1793. The Jeffrey Town Farmers’ Association, are very happy with the wonderful turn-out to the Jamaican breadfruit festival and continuously want to hold the festival. The Jamaican breadfruit festival an elderly is a wonderful and refreshing idea that has done well for the development of the Jamaican cuisine.

Jamaican breadfruit recipes are exquisite and since the early 1900’s breadfruit has been involved with all aspects of the Jamaican cuisine. The Jamaican breadfruit is used for Jamaican breakfast recipes, Jamaican lunch recipes, Jamaican soup recipes and Jamaican dinner recipes.

DIRECTION from Kingston.
The quickest route is through Spanish Town via Bog walk and Linstead By pass.
Turn right off of by pass at the second traffic lights after the Bog Walk round about. Follow the road thorough to Guy’s Hill via Devil’s race course; continue into Guy’s Hill Square. Take the left turn, signposted to Gayle; follow the road as signposted to Gayle.
Turn right at Gayle square at the Texaco station and follow road for a little more than a mile and take the first left turn.
Farm Pen , Ben’s World is approximately 200yard on the right where parking is available.

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