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Community Profile

The community of Jeffery town is located in western St. Mary, nestled between Gayle and Guy’s Hill. The community comprises of several districts as specified by the Social Development Commission: Barker, Salisbury, Coffee Walk and Top Road. The community is located several kilometers from the resort town of Ocho Rios and the market district of Linstead.

Jeffery town has come a far way in terms of development; from the famous dollar a mile taxi, operated by a returning resident, to proper roadways, the construction of the Enid Gordon Maternal Clinic and also the establishment of a Multimedia Centre and its own Community Radio Station- owned and operated by the Jeffery Town Farmers Association, a community group working for the development of the community. The school, which is housed in two trailer bodies, is still struggling to keep the number of students in its doors; a dilemma which took the establishment after it was gutted by fire in 1996. The Jeffery Town Primary School now has an enrolment of approximately 100 students. Notwithstanding, students from Jeffery Town continue to excel in the G-SAT examination, earning places is some of the most prestigious schools in Jamaica. Many past students have tone on to become great leaders, politicians and serving in various walks of life in Jamaica and in the diaspora. The school has an active past student’s association with branches in Jamaica and North America.

The community has its own colourful history, the name coming from an affluent family which owned the lands (Salisbury Estates) and slaves back then in the 17th century. The community has come a far way yet there is more room for development, we aim to make Jeffery Town a model community in Jamaica and the Caribbean at large. It is with these things in mind that we implore you bloggers to assist and contribute to community development in all ways you can.

Each individual’s liberty is individual power but a community is a mass compounded of individual powers. Henrick Ibsen


JEFFERY TOWN Farmers Association of western St Mary was recognised for its strides in self-reliance, winning the Michael Manley Award for Community Self-Reliance at the Little Theatre in St Andrew on August 1, 2011.

Jeffery Town is a rural farming community located in the hills of  Western St. Mary, Jamaica.  Jeffery Town recently won the  Michael Manley Award for community self-reliance.

Horace Levy, who read the judges report, said the self-reliance projects being undertaken in Jeffrey Town represents a “multifaceted approach to local community development.”

Returning residents to Jeffrey Town in 1991, after observing the demise of crops such as banana, cocoa, coffee and citrus, set about establishing a co-operative in the community. And although the venture did not succeed, the community would later organise themselves to take on other ventures. The Farmer’s association employs various farming and agricultural technologies to improve production and income generation; including terracing  and gabion baskets to prevent soil erosion.

The community members, some of whom were trained at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communications, volunteered to work on the radio stations. Internet service is provided for the community at hot spots.

The multi-purpose centre, which houses the radio station is powered by solar panels and a wind turbine, thereby reducing the energy cost to the community. There is also a community plot where animal droppings are collected for manure and leaves gathered for compost.

Innovative approach

Levy said the branch off into technology represents “an innovative approach to attracting youth participation.”

He also said the movement towards organic farming is “a step that could bring Jamaica’s agriculture into an area for which there is a growing market.”

Wordsworth Gordon, president of the association, told The Gleaner that his community stands firmly in the corner of self-help. “We strongly believe that we have to depend on ourselves. We have to use our own ingenuity to make our community better.” “We have done many, many things in the community such as bringing water to our community, soil erosion, best practice in agriculture, a multi-media centre and community radio station,” he said of self-reliance projects undertaken by the community.”

“Winning inspires me. No disrespect to any other prime minister, but Michael Manley was my inspiration, and I totally believe in the idea of self reliance,” Gordon said.


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