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With deepest sympathies…..

November 7, 2011

Dearest Jeffery Townites,

It is with deep sadness that I write. Jeffery Town Community and the Farmer’s Association has lost a stalwart farmer- Mr. Kevin Henry. If you are from Top Road District, Jeffery Town or anywhere within a 20 mile radius of there you would know Kevin aka Bolo, Bigga, Bigs. A devout Christian man with an impeccable character and an excellent farmer. Kevin’s contribution to the Community at large has been recorded in history and his memories will live in our hearts forever. Kevin lived a good life and did what he loved- farming. I remember the many plays and skits that we acted together at the New Testament Church, the countless road trips to rallies, concerts, conventions and you name it across Jamaica, singing in the choir and working together in God’s vineyard. A true brother, friend and example.  I sincerely pray and hope that many more youth will seek to put their shoulders to the plough and leave a similar mark on our community, as Kevin has done.

I use this forum to express sincere condolences to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry of the said community, his siblings, extended family, friends and brethren.


Stephanie Fletcher

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